The Madness of March

Disclaimer: This is not about basketball.

March was a busy month for me and so I was away from Pryorities. Gone for just a bit but not forgotten and now here I am! I was back and forth between my little apartment and my parent’s house, an hour south, every weekend and a few nights during the weeks. There were many miles racked up on my little Nissan and way too much money spent on gas. It was all worth it in the end, even though I know I’ll hit 100,000 miles a few months sooner than expected.

I started out the month with my little brother turning 18 and getting accepted into Florida State University, my Alma Mater! Not only does this make me feel incredibly old but a little bit jealous. I wish I could do it all over again. Graduating from high school and moving on from everything you know to a new place where you feel so exposed, raw and new can be such a rush. Once I got used to the transition of leaving home I loved my time in Tallahassee. Most of my four years were made up of bad decisions and broken heart after broken heart but at the end of the day, all I can say is: College was so fun! Such an adventure!

Living in the mold-ridden dorms and having to visit Thagard every other day. Bowling on campus. Waking up at noon and realizing I accidentally missed my first two classes– on more than one occasion! House parties– I can’t even remember the last time I went to a house party! Canoe trips with my best friends, Memorial Day beach trips to St. George Island, my first crappy restaurant job at Logan’s Roadhouse. People-watching on Landis Green while listening to Motion City Soundtrack and Bright Eyes as the sun beat down on my, then so thin, legs! Running around Lake Ella. Stressing about my finals and staying up all night studying at All Saints Cafe, drinking coffee and chain-smoking cigarettes until class started the next morning. Free shows at the Beta Bar because my boyfriend worked the door. (Thanks, Spike!) Gosh, sometimes I wish my life was that… dynamic again! I’m so boring now!

My brother graduates high school next month and I have every intention of taking off work to drive him up and show him around. I doubt he wants me to but I don’t care. I’m sure things have changed over the last ten years but I don’t care. I also do not condone smoking or missing class… But, he has a better head on his shoulders and has no reason to feel rebellious. I’m the middle child; I have an excuse.  I’m sure he’ll make better decisions.  He’ll have just as many broken hearts, though.

March also consisted of the opportunity to frequent a few weddings. My sisters best friend Sarah got married and my good friends Jim and Michelle got married, as well. There was a lot of dressing up in pretty dresses, dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and seeing Chris in a suit– one of my favorite things. Needless to say, I could not only hear my biological clock ticking but I could feel the vibrations with each second passing.

I dreamt about wedding cake selections, the perfect location, decorations, how many guests I should have, who the guests should be, who my bridesmaids will be, what colors look best on them and whether or not that really matters. How much money my parents will give us toward the whole affair and if the change on the dollar over the last 10 years since my sister got married will affect the amount they’re willing to give me. Inflation, Mom! Where we’ll go on our honeymoon. And of course, when this all might happen so that I can get pregnant without a lecture from my parents about needing to be married first.  No pressure, Chris… I’m so patient…

Chris and I also went to Disney World for four days for Spring Break. Always so fun for me! We paid for the four-day Park Hopper passes for Florida residents, which was actually a really good deal and we got a great rate on a hotel. It was an exhausting four days but so nice to get away with him!

Going to Disney takes me back to when I was a little kid. There is something about walking down Main Street toward Cinderella’s Castle that brings such joy and excitement. Like she’s up there in her castle getting ready to come down and greet me and all of my 25,000 friends. Prince Charming is sitting on the side of their bed, holding GusGus in his hands, watching her as she powders her nose. Like it’s a totally normal thing to just live in a giant castle in the middle of Central Florida and have a million people a year, both foreign and domestic, come to visit you and ride all the rides in your land and have Meet-and-Greet social’s with your best friends Princess Aurora and Princess Jasmine and Mickey, the talking mouse with Multiple Personality Disorder.

I love it so much. I took about a thousand pictures like it was my first time ever going to Disney World. Flipping through the pictures start to finish you can see the enthusiasm fading from Chris’ eyes with each frame. (Evidence Below) Poor guy. An hour after we got to Magic Kingdom, the first day, he said: “Are you done with the pictures yet?” I acted like I didn’t hear him and kept snapping away. We’re going back in two weeks. He can’t wait…

The month of March concluded with the Pryor/Palmer Family Extraordinaire(!) performing at a local event. Over the last two months, with my brother on guitar and vocals, dad on mandolin and vocals, grandma on stand-up bass, our family friend Donny on guitar and vocals, his wife, Rachel on djembe and percussion and me on vocals, we formed the folk band “Old DuPont Road.” We practiced every weekend for a two-day spring festival that is held each year.

It was really great to sing again. I haven’t sung in a long time and for those of you who know me well, know that music was very important to me for a long time. I started singing when I was probably eight years old and went on to major in Classical Voice at FSU before I changed my major to English my junior year. I’m by no means a musician now, maybe I was at one point, but I haven’t sung for a crowd in probably five years, if not longer. So, it felt really good to use my voice again and spend time with my family. Especially with my brother going off to college. I think we’re all a bit sad that he’s about to move away. We’re all quite musical in my family but we know he’s the real musician. He keeps us playing.

The event went really well, though. We didn’t have much of a turn out on Saturday because there was a terrible storm rolling through the area but Sunday we had maybe 60 people in the crowd, which was really wonderful. I’m sad it’s over. I’ll have to focus on blogging instead of singing now. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course!

So, that was March and that’s why I was away. I have many plans for April and I hope to keep Pryorities updated with all of my adventures and ramblings on!



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Hey there! I'm a 27 year old working professional. Going back to school to get my Masters, just writing to give me something to do! Hope you enjoy my random ramblings!
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3 Responses to The Madness of March

  1. flaglerdad says:

    I just read this to your mom. She said that if you are going to let everyone know that you majored in English you should probably proof read before submitting. Those classes you missed must have been your grammar courses. I’m so proud!
    I really loved singing with you my daughter. Let’s keep doing it.
    You have no right to feel old. Your mom is the old one.
    Chris has the same look I do when I go to Disney. Stay strong son.
    Pregnant? Chris, come see me. I used to teach Biology and there are ways to prevent this. Shhhh….
    Did you know that we are in a recession? That means you get less money than your sister got.


  2. MissFit says:

    What an awesome article. so glad to see you you are back to your blog , i was hoping i would see an article soon from you. love your style!


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